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Wellness Coaching

Desire More Effectiveness, Joy and Serenity in life?
It all starts with the soul…

Feeling lost, ineffective, without direction, and overall wondering where the hell YOU went?
Maybe you’re coming into your own and have no idea how to make sense of direction in your life.
Perhaps you have it all together, but want to learn how to listen to your intuition better.
If any of this resonates, coaching is for you!

Learn how to understand, establish, and/or deepen your connection with your inner fire ~ your authentic self. How does YOUR intuition speak to you? It’s different for each of us. We’ll discuss different paths intuition might take, while learning some new techniques for connection as well.

I promise it will be fun, inclusive, positive, and encouraging.
You won’t even know that you’re learning, except for the exhilaration you feel as you get better connected with your inner being and what YOU desire! ♥

Benefits of coaching include:
~~ We’ll excavate and enhance your inner fire, your essence, your authentic self.
~~ Discover what your Authentic Self values.
~~ Learn how to listen to your inner voice to help guide you through life with less worry and inner conflict.
~~ Goal Setting where appropriate
~~ Meditation: It’s through meditation that we’re able to gain serenity and insight toward our true desires. Learn how to meditate more effectively for YOU. There are 100s of ways to meditate and many of them do not include visualization OR quieting your mind! We’ll discover which form fits YOUR style.


“I’ve been self coaching myself for a few years and from my own personal experience can definitely say that Betty was an inspiration and a joy to work with. Life Coaching is built on a foundation of creating a partnership. Betty did just that; using her coaching and life experience, she built a solid and comfortable partnership with me. For me, this is an outstanding attribute. Betty made me feel safe and comfortable throughout our time together. From this, I was able to expand my thought process and formulate ideas that will impact my present and future. People are put in our lives for a reason and they are called ‘change agents’. Betty was my change agent, and I am grateful for the time and conversations that we were able to share.” LL

“Working with Betty was actually a lot of fun.  I connected with her right away, she was really friendly and easy to get along with, and I think that helped me in the long run because I was able to open up and talk about things sooner than I would have normally.  She stayed really focused on my long-term coaching goals, not just the topic of the individual call, and because of that I was able to accomplish a lot in a really short amount of time.”  BS