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I am a lifelong Oregonian with a fascination of human behavior and motivators, wondering, for as long as I can remember, “why we do the things we do“? While attending my first term of college, I learned there was a title for my fascination. I was hooked and earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.
After earning my degree, I worked in a non-profit organization assisting homeless youth toward self-sufficiency. There is where I developed my love of assisting people to discover who and what they want to be, and how to get there. That passion took me to becoming a Professional Certified Coach, which has now become my sole profession.
It is through Life Coaching on a one on one basis, and providing group Wellness Workshops and Retreats, that I am able to enjoy my love of connecting and assisting others to their authenticity and most happy and productive selves.
I’m a long-time, nearly 30 years, experienced business owner/operator with an additional history of working in social services and the higher education sectors.

Areas of specialty:
> Assisting others in overcoming barriers to their success.
> An innate ability to help people find a new perspective on life challenges that turns them into positive assets to be celebrated.
> Public speaking and training in group settings actually thrills me!
I’ve been described as a spirituality coach. I wasn’t comfortable with that title, in that I would NEVER tell someone what to believe in. However, I WILL assist you in growing your connection with your higher power…whatever that is for YOU…so yeah, with that in mind, I will gratefully accept the title.

I posses an extensive list of group training topics. Some of these include: improved life skills, emotional regulation techniques, personal and business communication competency, business practices and processes improvement, and award winning customer service proficiency training.
I’ve worked in a number of different fields throughout my professional career: Retail sales ~ restaurants ~ studio and on-site video production direction, copy writing, and editing ~ non-profit organization program management ~ student administrative director of an college campus program. I feel blessed to have enjoyed them all.