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Hello All,

Today’s suggested Wellness technique is lovingly called the 


It’s exactly what it sounds like, but I’m going to give you a twist on it…for those that are brave and ready for new habits and new ways of looking at the world…more to come on that tomorrow.

***I feel some videos coming on as I’m not able to type as fast as my brain wants to provide the info to all of you. Hhmmmm***

Back to task at hand…

The concept for the Brain Dump is simple, to get all that is IN your head, OUT of your head to where you can start to make some sense of it. Some of it is super important stuff you’ll want to expand on, I’m going to help you decipher that.

Soooo…grab a notebook and just start making a list, or writing your feelings, or spill whatever is swimming around in there and let that brain of yours enjoy some peace for a few minutes. 

There is some science behind why this works, but suffice to say that the physical act of taking it from your head, through your hand, and onto paper can, and will, assist in relieving some of the stress and overwhelm you no doubt feel with all of that crap running around in your head!

Seriously, the way that this works for today is for you to allow your head to freaking REST in the serenity!

I promise, you’ll be adding things to the list as we go along, but for now, when you get to a point where you feel some actual relief, just relax for a bit. 

Allow your psyche, and your body, and your brain, a chance to enjoy some of the serenity that releasing that long list of to-do’s and worries that beautiful brain of yours has been containing.

Add to it throughout the evening and coming days, but do it with the intention of releasing the worry about it. Do not concern yourself with the extent of it’s content. That is not the focus for today. Just to get it out of brain and to notice the relief of that.

I hope some of you find this technique helpful!

I look forward to your comments!

Love and Light to All

❤️ Betty ❤️